Report Cruelty

If you see evidence of animal cruelty, report it! The animal in danger is relying on you.

In Fulton County: Call 404.613.0358
In DeKalb County: Call 404.294.2939 or 404.294.2996 ext. 2

Chaining is illegal in Fulton and DeKalb counties!

How is Henry's House Helping the Community?
  • Free Maintenance of Atlanta Feral Cat Colonies: At Henry's House, we conduct Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) at our colonies and have a supply of our own traps for that purpose. The majority of our cats' spay and neuter surgeries, as well as vaccinations, are performed by Planned Pethood.

  • Free Fieldwork and Assistance: We assist in local TNR projects and have the supplies needed to aid in different situations. We are available to help Atlanta residents who are new to trapping and for other organizations that are taking on large TNR projects.

  • Free Consultation: Henry's House can be consulted about any problem in feral cat colony management. We will not remove feral cats from your property, but will provide support, education, and tools to help you humanely manage the cats.

  • Online Education: We aim to educate any visitor to our website about community cats and what each person can do to help. We also hope to educate the public on how they can reduce the overwhelming number of unwanted pets.

Take The Pledge! 

In 2013, LifeLine took over management of the Fulton and DeKalb County shelters where they have dramatically increased lifesaving. In November and December of 2015 they attained no-kill levels at Fulton County Animal Services shelter, and in 2016 hit a no-kill milestone at DeKalb as well!

Pledge today to support making Atlanta a no-kill community. Sign the LifeLine pledge and let them know how you are part of the lifesaving solution for Atlanta‚Äôs homeless pets.