The Story of Henry's House

Ten years ago I lived in an apartment complex that had a problem with abandoned cats.  People would turn their unaltered cats out or move away without them.  The number of cats was out of control. With management’s approval, I took it upon myself to trap, alter, and feed these cats. I found homes for as many as possible but a lot of these cats were ferals and un-adoptable.

After moving into my current home, I offered to feed a couple of stray cats at a nearby inspection station. One day a mail carrier told me about some other cats across the busy roadway that needed help. Shortly after that the security guard at the mall where the inspection station was located sought me out to point out another small colony of feral cats. All of a sudden I went from feeding two or three stray cats to managing three feral colonies!

That explains the feral communities but where does Henry’s House come from? Two years ago a feral cat wandered into my yard. I had been feeding a couple of strays while I tried to find homes for them and this new feral liked having a good meal every day.  Over time that cat learned to trust me. And then he decided he loved me and being feral wasn’t what he wanted to be. Henry moved inside and became King of the castle.

Jennifer and Henry - Founders of Henry’s House - Feral Community, Inc.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

- H. Jackson Brown Jr.